OCA Midyear 2016

For those of you who don't know, I just accepted a new position with the Oregon Cattlemen's Association located in Salem, Oregon; aka the Capitol. The way everything happened for the position was a crazy turn of events but I look forward to the opportunity to work in a job that allows me the opening to give voice through both my own voice and through my words for Oregon's ranchers.

Mr. Armani In Oregon

Back in September my older sister Nicole told me about how people from Italy were going to be coming to our small family farm in Oregon. I laughed. I honestly thought she was messing with me.. especially the way the whole thing played out. My sister works for a modeling company called Savage Models in... Continue Reading →

From Wild to Willing featuring Allie Martin

Three months ago, I was sitting on the ground in a stall of a horse I had only just met, crying hysterically and feeling like a complete failure. It was day 5 and she huddled in the corner, quivering and terrified at my presence. I had no idea what to do, I had never been in a situation where I couldn't even get close to a horse before. We were just two terrified, young animals staring blankly at each other, completely clueless and scared.

Rationalizing The Irrational

I knew by Thursday night that Sunday, October 4th, was going to be one of the hardest days of recent for preachers and pastors in this nation, most especially those in Oregon, and even more especially those in the Willamette Valley. What happened on Thursday, October 1st, is so unimaginable and terrifying that it's hard for me to wrap my brain around it so instead I turned to my faith. I prayed for answers which I didn't feel as if I was getting.

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