My First Rodeo Queen Clinic

In preparation for my rodeo pageant I knew that I needed to attend a clinic. I wanted to attend a state title clinic BUT all the ones happening right now are way too far away for me to make financially feasible. The one I really want to attend is the Miss Rodeo Oregon clinic in... Continue Reading →

Growing Up Quickly; The Baby Halter Fashion Statement

I hope you guys aren't too sick of me blogging about my baby horse; I don't see how anyone could ever get used to a new life like this!  Little no name colt is growing up so quickly. It's strange to think that they progress so quickly in their athletic ability, especially when you consider... Continue Reading →

The Littlest Pot of Gold

After what felt like a lifetime of waiting, the most exciting thing in the last few years finally happened: Holly had her baby. Not to sound completely dramatic but she was so far overdue that I had hit my "wall" of excitement and I was 100% over the baby, which all changed the second that... Continue Reading →

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