Pollen vs. COVID-19; The Anxiety

I’ve been in a self-induced lockdown for 29 days specifically. And, during this duration, I can name everything that happened on Day 0 and all of the five trips that I have made since then. It’s a very surreal moment.

This beautiful filbert orchard is situated right across the road from the family farm. It used to be a row crop field but, as you can see, these tress are really starting to mature at around six years old (I think).

Especially in those first fourteen days of lockdown, I was constantly stressing about the fear of having the virus. While I knew it wouldn’t, hopefully, be the end of the world, I was worried about the implications it would have for those around me.

I don’t know how I would live with myself if I got a family member sick who may have gotten another family member or a neighbor sick and then, God forbid, the worst happened. It’s a very scary moment.

And, while I am thankful that we have the spring to be outside and have Vitamin D and it’s subsequent joy, I have been torn because of the pollinating filbert trips.

Oregon is known for it’s numerous hazelnut orchards. In fact, our state and specifically our Willamette Valley where we live, produces 99% of the United State’s filbert crop – which we market as hazelnuts. The trees have been pollinating and you can see the dusty film covering the windshield of the vehicles (that never leave anymore), the side of the house, and any other flat, vertical, or whatever object.

And soon these will be the ever popular filbert; found in desserts, snacks, health foods and, the favorite, Nutella (which I’ve never had – is that a crime??).

Sore throats, coughs, sneezes, watery eyes, headaches – these are all symptoms of both allergies and COVID-19. Those first two weeks waiting to see if I had the virus was nerve wracking but, as we’ve gone longer and longer without seeing anyone, I can relax my anxiety.

I pray that we can all continue to stay safe until the vaccine is released.

Farm News:

1. The chickens, still ecstatic about their new coop and outdoor pen, rewarded us again with four eggs. We’ll point fingers, based off of egg colors, that the Americana’s are too busy rolling in dust baths to lay eggs these days!
2. Fortune got a good workout … not by me but my sister who used to be a horse trainer. I’m pretty sure that’s what her nightmares are made out of.
3. I took Phoebe (more to come on this) to the vet and got some humorous but not unexpected news. She’s been such a pleasant little joy!
4. While I felt like my morale was low today, I accomplished a lot on my to-do list which will help me have an easier week.
5. I think I might be nursing my first sunburn in a VERY long time on the tips of my ears.


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