Remembering Sarah

When I found out that we lost Sarah Watson, I don't think it really sank in for a few days. I seemed calm and almost, "Okay." It wasn't until I found myself driving the backwoods to do an article where I realized that I couldn't stop crying. There was this heavy, unbearable sadness that had... Continue Reading →


The Quick Dozen Beach Rules That’ll Help Keep You Safe

It was a beautiful Oregon Sunday when Miss Rylee and I loaded up our horses and headed to the Oregon coast for a ride on the beach. Now this wasn't just ANY ride on the beach, this was a memorial ride put together for our dear friend Sarah Watson who passed away in early May... Continue Reading →

From Wild to Willing featuring Allie Martin

Three months ago, I was sitting on the ground in a stall of a horse I had only just met, crying hysterically and feeling like a complete failure. It was day 5 and she huddled in the corner, quivering and terrified at my presence. I had no idea what to do, I had never been in a situation where I couldn't even get close to a horse before. We were just two terrified, young animals staring blankly at each other, completely clueless and scared.

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