The purpose of this blog is to share just a little bit more of my crazy and dynamic lifestyle with you. I have spent my whole life being told that I have to choose just one thing that I am passionate about – well, I’m passionate about a lot of things!

Amongst those passions is cooking, working on cars, exploring, working out, trying new things, sports, and anything horse or rodeo related. I figured this blog will be set up to cover just a little bit of everything plus an insight into my tips on Social Media – something that I have found much success in the agriculture world.

If you are looking for assistance on your social media or for promoting your brand, don’t be afraid to reach out to me for consultation rates and assistance.

Take care and, in the famous words of Gene Autry and Dale Evans ——- Happy Trails!


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  1. Thanks for visiting my Midwest Maize blog. I love your core topics, though I don’t share all of them with you. But Jesus is number 1 and it’s hard to talk to me without talking about food, so those definitely resonate. I love country but only get to visit. As for the others, I look forward to learning more when I visit your blog again. Happy New Year.

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