Phoebe the Pandemic Puppy

It all started when I got a text from my college roommate that her co-worker in San Diego (my college roommate lives in Seattle and works for an airline) had taken her older dog for a walk and had found a puppy! It was the cutest little thing and I made a joke that I would take it.

Not necessarily a “joke,” but I was semi-serious! I had been on the lookout for a large older dog to be a companion to my boyfriends litter mate syndrome stricken two year-old dog and I have been planning on getting a full sized dog in the fall for hunting, running, rodeos and adventures.

After taking the puppy to the vet, its lack of microchip and young age determined the sad fear that it had been dumped. I couldn’t help but look closer at it, thinking that it wasn’t the partial black German Shepherd that the vet down south thought it was, but I was already hooked. If she needed a home she, like so many other lost souls, had a home at the farm.

Meghan, the angel that saved her, flew her up personally from San Diego and we took the little puppy, already named Phoebe, home. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of the name! Now I have TWO “pets” named Phoebe – one being my almost year old sourdough starter!

Phoebe the Pandemic Puppy as we have nicknamed her is the sweetest, smartest, cutest, wildest little puppy that you ever did see! When I took her to my vet here in Oregon, they wrote her breed as cow dog mix with a mini healer/chihuahua/schipperke. That’s basically what we had determined as well.

She’s the delicate face of a kelpie, the roaming on the paw and chest of a blue heeler, and the size of a smallllll dog. She’s probably only going to be 20 pounds full grown if that!

This is the photo from the very first day she was found. You can tell that she’s both really skinny and extremely happy to see Meghan! ❤

After the deworming at the vet and her puppy shots, she had a rough little evening as she spent the whole time we watched the news and reality tv shows cuddled up with little moans. When she’s not trying to use her teeth, she’s the sweetest, happiest, little cuddler!

Monday morning she passed her worms and, in the last two days, has been packing on the POUNDS. She’s going to be such a cool little girl and I can’t wait to see what kind of beautiful young lady she grows up into!


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