Silvies Valley Ranch – Part II; Cattle, Goats and Dogs, Oh My!

Silvies Valley Ranch Part II: Cattle, Goats, and Dogs, Oh My! Because nothing at Silvies can be the same as everyone else, even their livestock is absolutely unique! I can't wait to share with you just what I got to learn from their passionate staff about the animals that make up Silvies Valley Ranch. Silvies... Continue Reading →

Klamath Falls Bull Sale

Two weeks ago, I found myself down in southern Oregon for my first ever appearance at a bull sale and, not just ANY bull sale, it was THE Klamath Falls Bull Sale. I have always heard so many fun and exciting stories about the Klamath Falls Bull Sale so I jumped at the chance to... Continue Reading →

OCA Midyear 2016

For those of you who don't know, I just accepted a new position with the Oregon Cattlemen's Association located in Salem, Oregon; aka the Capitol. The way everything happened for the position was a crazy turn of events but I look forward to the opportunity to work in a job that allows me the opening to give voice through both my own voice and through my words for Oregon's ranchers.

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