Being Present – UK Takeaway #1

"They must all be mad at each other," I chance overheard one of the bartenders say to the other.  What?  That's the first time that I really began to pay attention to the dinner and subsequent meal habits of those in the UK.

I Gave In To The Hype… I Tried a Sushi Burrito

"So what? You were too lazy to cut the roll so I got a sushi churro?" That was my exact thought when I heard of this new foodie craze in the pacific northwest. I had taken some items to Portland to hand off to someone and figured that, as long as I was in the... Continue Reading →

Rodeo Meal Prep; 4th of July Weekend

Rodeo is about to get CRAZY!!! The biggest weekend in rodeo is called Cowboy Christmas which happens on 4th of July weekend every year and that weekend is coming up!  The most prize money handed out.  The best cowboy and cowgirl contestants.  The best bucking stock.  Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, is on their A-Game for... Continue Reading →

Banana Sticky Buns; Great Grandma’s Recipe

It's the easiest recipe in the business when it comes to wanting sugary treats with your grandma on a wintery day where all you want is a sweet baked roll while you watch your favorite Disney movie. This is also a good way to use up bananas that have become VERY ripe before the fruit flies began to plan their arsenal attack on your sanity.

Leftover Christmas Ham? Pork Quinoa!

It's December 3rd and I can't help but wonder how many of you out there are already starting to panic about your Christmas Day leftovers? Instead of silently cursing those family members who DID NOT take their share of the Holiday meal let me show you a delicious way to make said family members come... Continue Reading →

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