Mother’s Day 2020

While stuck in quarantine, this may have been the most fun Mother’s Day that we’ve had in a long time and I hope that my mom enjoyed it just as much. At the start of my boyfriend and I’s relationship, we took the Love Languages tests after a random mention of it during either a worship service or a podcast. It was an enlightening experience and created this need to know what the love languages of the rest of my family were. It’s crazy how you can be so blind to the love and affection that people can show you as they are showing and receiving love in different ways!

My mom’s love language is quality time, which I feel like is very fitting for a lot of mom’s out there. The simple need to spend quality time with their families and their friends is a precious commodity that they don’t get much of due to the requirements of mom-life and work-life. I have thoroughly enjoyed having my mom, who is into photography like my boyfriend, along for our photography themed hiking adventures. There’s one adventure that she hasn’t been able to join in on and she’s mentioned multiple times that she thought it would be fun; kayaking.

Last summer, my boyfriend and I got kayaks from Cabela’s and went out on the river behind the house a handful of times before the summer ended. It was so much fun and, with the extreme heat that we’ve had here the past week or so, we decided it was time for the maiden voyage of 2020! But first, we went to Cabela’s during one of their sales and picked up a third kayak on sale for my mom!

This is where we launched into the water, the spot you probably remember from when we went walking after church service with my friend Marz and her rescue pup Cheddar!

At the start of the week, I simply told her that we were going to go on an adventure with both a description of the attire she’d need to wear and the time/day. I hope that she was as excited as we were and we headed out to my the end of my boyfriend’s property where he was waiting with the kayaks.

It’s so much fun how close my boyfriend and parents live to each other! It was about an hour and a half down the water way to the end of my parents property where my sister met us and pulled us out. Not before we had a crazy adventure of trying to find the end of our property from the river-view versus looking at the river from the land; VERY DIFFERENT.

Even thought it was a new route for us, I knew that the adventure was going to be, just that, an adventure. High waters throughout the winter months and spring from the stereotypical Oregon rain showers and then the metal of the snow-pack, it changes the face of the water every time.

I’ll admit, I had a couple bad hang ups! The first was going around a corner and, in an effort to protect my camera, I somehow ended up tangled under neath a low hanging tree AND THEN MY WORST NIGHTMARE HAPPENED – SPIDERS STARTED RAINING ON ME!

If it wasn’t for my camera, I may have tipped the kayak over in my effort to get out ASAP!

Meet my awesome Mom!

The second hang up was when we went to leave the river as the bank wasn’t set up as a boat landing and more just an entrance for the local river otters to have a good time sliding. Stepping on the bank, all was fine until I slipped, slamming my shin into the bow of one of the kayaks. Instant bump and instant bloody mess.

It really bothered me, to be honest, as I am constantly seen as the fragile one. I am naturally SO weak and it just made me so sad that, after that whole trip of doing well, that’s what happened. And to me. But I would rather it be to me than to anyone else, I just hope it doesn’t hinder my “getting-invited-along” opportunities.

I hope that we get one more run through before the weather changes to rain showers for the next two weeks! Quarantine isn’t so bad when the weather is nice and we can be outside, I am sad over what it will look like for the next few weeks.


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