Barrel Racer’s Prayer

I really like this, especially the line that says that “if we may stumble… pick him up first”.

Cowgirl's world

Lord if we may stumble,
My horse and I,
Pick him up first,
For he has carried me this far,
on his back, I have rode,
through my dreams and fears,
to hell and back we have rode
and on top of the world we had stood
like magic from a genie,
we were one,
he trusted in me,
and I in him,
so lord pick my partner up first
for he has carried me this far.

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Checking Your Verbage

I saw something today that caught my full undivided attention, listed on my study information for Miss Rodeo Oregon try outs. I was impressed with the ability that this one line had to change my whole thought process for the day. The webpage that I was reading was listing the "17 Facts that you need... Continue Reading →

Life Update:

So on a completely irrelevant note... I started my own business.... with a large group of people! < - That's probably the smartest thing that I could do. After starting that business though, I am realizing that I may need to completely restructure my blog here. Maybe just leave it with my adventures and cooking... Continue Reading →

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