The Queen of Fast; Patiently Waiting

I am impatient. I am an impatient human being. I pride myself on being able to run fast, to talk fast, to write fast, think fast, to type fast, and so much more. So what happens when the "Queen of FAST" has to go slow... when she has to wait? Well, you find other things... Continue Reading →

What is a ‘Rodeo Queen Mom’? feat. Sylvia Ladd Sanford

In honor of the Mom's who have made us the rodeo ambassadors that we are today, we are highlighting some Miss Rodeo Oregon mom's and Miss Rodeo Oregon's who are now mom's to hear from their words what it's like to be a state title holding rodeo queen mom in Oregon! Isn’t it funny how... Continue Reading →

2016 Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant; The Rodeo Chat Snapchat Takeover

This weekend at the 2016 Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant presented me with a unique opportunity to reach a national audience while showcasing the pageants of state title holders as well as answer questions that people may have about rodeo queening! What I wanted to do as the host for Rodeo Chat's Snapchat during the Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant is really highlight all of the aspects and all of the hard work that these young ladies go through just to COMPETE at the pageant, nothing even close to what they will be doing as title holder. I think that we were pretty successful!

It’ll Be What It’ll Be!

With schedule changes, wardrobe changes, and so much more going on we decided that instead of stressing over everything that it was going to be the best for our sanity that we just accepted that things were just going to be what they'll be! I think that helped us the most to be honest! Yes we were nervous, why wouldn't we be?! Nothing about the pageant was "easy" persay but things were made easier knowing that we were all rooting for each other to do our absolute best!

2016 Miss Rodeo Oregon Contestants

Today is the day. The last day that applications for Miss Rodeo Oregon can be submitted.  It cracks me up because a lot of time I feel like girls look at pageants as a "you vs me" kind of ordeal. Whenever I have assisted people with pageant preparation I repeat over and over again that... Continue Reading →

Miss Rodeo Oregon 2016

I know, everyone who is going to read this either already knows or never saw this coming... And by "this" I mean that I am running for the title of 2016 Miss Rodeo Oregon this upcoming august.  I apologize for this but I think it's time that I explain myself, I think everyone deserves that... Continue Reading →

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