Am I Pretty?

When you go through a big breakup, one of those Hollywood or Nicholas Sparks worthy heartbreaks, life is really hard. I think that the worst part about a serious break up with someone that you thought was going to be your future is that you doubt yourself. You begin to doubt not only the talents... Continue Reading →

Unmoldable Workouts Week 4

SUNDAY - RUNNING Warm up = 2 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking A: (Run 2:30 + Walk 1:00) X 2 B: (Run 1:30 + Sprint 0:15 + Walk 1:30) X 4 C (Run 2:30 + Walk 1:30) X 2 A B B C C B B A Cool down = 2 minutes jogging, 3 minutes... Continue Reading →

Unmoldable Workouts – Week 2

UNMOLDABLE Week 2 Just like in math or reading once you master one fundamental, we are going to add on it! Courtesy of my rebuild off RockApp; Running and a Sore to the Core workout.   Day 1 – Sunday; running Warm – Up = jog 2 minutes, brisk walk 3 minutes (Run 1:30 +... Continue Reading →

Unmoldable starts really easy, I don't want to scare anyone off by any means. If you have been already working out you may find these too easy and may not want to do them and that is TOTALLY FINE, I won't be offended!

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