National State Rodeo Queen Teen Host Week

It's hard to explain how it all came about. There can be so much and so little drama in the rodeo queen world but I have diligently done the best that I can to help as many young women as I can, to help them enjoy their time as a state titleholder, but to also... Continue Reading →

The Three Seasons of Rodeo Queening

Rodeo Queens are just like every other mainstream sport with three different seasons; preseason, league, and the post season. We may not be athletic but we are all athletes, training hard for our season, for our finals, and for our career

Checking Your Verbage

I saw something today that caught my full undivided attention, listed on my study information for Miss Rodeo Oregon try outs. I was impressed with the ability that this one line had to change my whole thought process for the day. The webpage that I was reading was listing the "17 Facts that you need... Continue Reading →

15 Signs You Are A Rodeo Queen

  If a hair sponsor isn't just a joke, it's somebody who actually makes your reign manageable and probably became a near and dear friend, you are a rodeo queen. If you have completely given up on getting the glitter out of every nook and cranny of every vehicle you have ever been in, then... Continue Reading →

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