It’s crazy to think that we are 41 days into lockdown but we are beginning to find our way to adapt into the “new norm.” While we don’t get to hang out with our friends, go to the movies, adventure to the beach, and everything else – we have found ways to be creative.

A lover of all things rules – I had to make myself some rules on what I would consider “okay” and what I I would consider “not okay.” Those that are not taking the pandemic seriously are people that I can’t trust. There is no way to guarantee that they have taken above average measures in health, hygiene, and safety to protect not only myself but for all of those that I am in contact with.

While my “quarantine squad” may not be like that of the Bachelor and Bachelorette World, my squad is just as beautiful on the inside and out. They provide so much good to our community and local groups that I couldn’t bear if something happened to any of them. I must protect them at all cost!

Those that have been quarantine in for 20, 30 or even 40 days (like myself) and have been around those that are also quarantining with respect to what our country and world is going through – they are okay. So, today, for the first time in over 45 days, I “hung out” with a friend.

My good friend Marz who I was close with through high school, shared a dorm with freshman year of college, and so much more that can be explained in a full length blog post of it’s own, stopped by my boyfriend’s house after (virtual) church service to go for a walk with our dogs.

Last September, Marz rescued a cute little dog that she named Cheddar from the pound in Salem. He’s a sprite little thing, full of energy, personality and great tricks. I think that Jessie, naturally prone to be distasteful of other dogs, actually liked him as he was so busy inquisitively checking everything else out on the walk that he hardly paid her any mind. It was a great break for my little lady as she has had a rough go with the puppy wanting to be her best friend.

Meet Cheddar; isn’t he the cutest?

Sometimes I think Jessie adores Phoebe, other times she barely tolerates her. As an animal that hasn’t been around a lot of dogs and very few puppies, she’s definitely got an opinion of her own when it comes to being the center of my attention.

The walk to the river was much needed. I have always been drawn to water and find the urge to go to the ocean at least once a month. There’s something about the calming, steadying presence of the water that speaks to my soul. When I was younger, I always thought that it was the Native American heritage that my family talked so much about. A 23 and me test later and I now know that that can’t be the answer – I am 0% Native American.

While I can’t go to the ocean, I am planning to take my high school car for a drive down the coast line one of these upcoming nice weekends. Already I am pre-planning by sending prayers to God that it doesn’t break down and cause more of an adventure than originally planned!

I can go, however, down to the beautiful Willamette River that trails the backside of the farm’s property. A beautiful walk, some beautiful flowers, and, of course, the sound of the rushing water will hopefully calm my soul for a few more days or even weeks!


3 thoughts on “River Walks

  1. That is such a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the sound of water. Love the flowers. Cheddar and Jessie are adorable. I got Tippy from the animal shelter, so I’m not sure what she is, but I’m convinced she’s part Australian Shepard.

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