My Little Sisters – From The Little Sister

Is it really true? My little sisters have officially passed their crowns down. I could never have told you what it would mean to have them be a part of my family for this year and every other year. Their mothers have become just like my own when it comes to people for a sympathetic... Continue Reading →


Klamath Falls Bull Sale

Two weeks ago, I found myself down in southern Oregon for my first ever appearance at a bull sale and, not just ANY bull sale, it was THE Klamath Falls Bull Sale. I have always heard so many fun and exciting stories about the Klamath Falls Bull Sale so I jumped at the chance to... Continue Reading →

Am I Pretty?

When you go through a big breakup, one of those Hollywood or Nicholas Sparks worthy heartbreaks, life is really hard. I think that the worst part about a serious break up with someone that you thought was going to be your future is that you doubt yourself. You begin to doubt not only the talents... Continue Reading →

Perspective; 20/15 Vision

I had a witty post all planned about my latest bout with the eye doctor at the end of 2016. I was pretty excited for the appointment, why? Because I was at the end of my two year waiting period to see if I could qualify for laser eye surgery. Walking in they asked the... Continue Reading →

Goal #1 – No Soda

My 2017 New Year's Resolution was to take things one week at a time. I was going to do something different in that every Sunday I would start a new goal that I would keep for 21 days. The reason for 21 days is that my research told me that it takes only 21 days to... Continue Reading →

Snowshoeing Trillium Lake

  I hadn't given much thought as to WHAT exactly I was going to be doing for either the end of my 2016 or the start of my 2017. In fact, the only thing that I WAS doing was sleeping as the clock turned to the next year because I wasn't going to mess up my sleep schedule... Continue Reading →

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