Rodeo Meal Prep; 4th of July Weekend

Rodeo is about to get CRAZY!!! The biggest weekend in rodeo is called Cowboy Christmas which happens on 4th of July weekend every year and that weekend is coming up!  The most prize money handed out.  The best cowboy and cowgirl contestants.  The best bucking stock.  Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, is on their A-Game for... Continue Reading →

PRCA – Becoming a Bona Fide Professional and Win the WNFR

So you want to run in the PRCA? You want to become a superstar at the National Finals Rodeo or win a million dollars on the top circuits? First you have to become a professional and then you have to qualify; let me explain how all of this happens. Note #1: If the rodeo is sanctioned... Continue Reading →

Understanding the PRCA’s Circuit System

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is organized in a slightly complicated fashion into circuits and tours that can be very confusing to those who have no idea about the road to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. I would like to dedicate and entire blog to the circuits, tours, finals, and qualifying for those of you... Continue Reading →

15 Signs You Are A Rodeo Queen

  If a hair sponsor isn't just a joke, it's somebody who actually makes your reign manageable and probably became a near and dear friend, you are a rodeo queen. If you have completely given up on getting the glitter out of every nook and cranny of every vehicle you have ever been in, then... Continue Reading →

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