Mr. Armani In Oregon

Back in September my older sister Nicole told me about how people from Italy were going to be coming to our small family farm in Oregon. I laughed. I honestly thought she was messing with me.. especially the way the whole thing played out. My sister works for a modeling company called Savage Models in... Continue Reading →

The Journey to Second Place

In my darkest hour it was Social Media and I Am Second's ability to connect those all around the world that helped bring me closer to God and inspire me to do more with my life!

The Top 5 Stereotypes of Rodeo Queens

Despite being the representatives for the rodeos and the organizations, doing the "dirty work" that the competitors don't typically want to be a part of, rodeo queens have been the burden of many stereotypes. I am here to de-bunk some of these!

2016 Miss Rodeo Oregon Contestants

Today is the day. The last day that applications for Miss Rodeo Oregon can be submitted.  It cracks me up because a lot of time I feel like girls look at pageants as a "you vs me" kind of ordeal. Whenever I have assisted people with pageant preparation I repeat over and over again that... Continue Reading →

Why Cowgirls Love Palazzo Pants

Have you seen cowgirl fashionistas strutting around Vegas or your local rodeo wearing the most preposterous pair of just absolutely amazing pants ever? Want to know what those are?palazzo1 Those, my friends, are the yoga pants of the cowgirl world: PALAZZO PANTS.

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