Present Parents Create The Future

I think that as we continue to grow older, we drift further away from the opinion that we know everything and begin to find the location where we realize everything we did wrong. I am fortunate to get to work in the Capitol, learning about politics, and growing as a young agvocate (agricultural advocate). I... Continue Reading →


National State Rodeo Queen Teen Host Week

It's hard to explain how it all came about. There can be so much and so little drama in the rodeo queen world but I have diligently done the best that I can to help as many young women as I can, to help them enjoy their time as a state titleholder, but to also... Continue Reading →

Getting Feisty! #BFIWeek

When I was first told to go check out the Bob Feist Invitational during the Reno Rodeo, I really just did because a guy that I was semi-interested in told me that I should go to it and that he would watch it with me. As an absolute fan of all rodeo events but especially... Continue Reading →

Remembering Sarah

When I found out that we lost Sarah Watson, I don't think it really sank in for a few days. I seemed calm and almost, "Okay." It wasn't until I found myself driving the backwoods to do an article where I realized that I couldn't stop crying. There was this heavy, unbearable sadness that had... Continue Reading →

Blog Post #100; A Review

It seems that the blog stories keep pouring out of me as of late - is that a bad thing? To be determined... It seems that now I seem to have embraced the full-blown writing, 24/7 mode, I can't stop finding the stories in the day-to-day. Let's talk about the weekly newspaper articles I write,... Continue Reading →

“Puppy Bump”

"Puppy Bump" Coming to a rodeo near you! I figured why not share this little adventure of the other weekend because so many people were asking questions on my SnapChat and Instagram about the adorable little puppy that I picked up at the Sisters Rodeo the first weekend in June... and promptly held inside my... Continue Reading →

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