A Spring Different Than Most

Quarantine Diaries; Part 2

April 5, 2020

As you know, I am trying to take a couple photos with my camera every day around the farm and in the farm house in an attempt to become a better photographer AND to hold myself accountable for some blogging. I am proud to say that I got a client blog sent off to them today which I will share when we get to that point.

The leaves in the orchard are really starting to blossom right now! My chicks are living their best life in the warmth of the pumphouse and I was surprised at the humming of the trees as the bees were busy pollinating to give us delicious cherries (or the birds cherries) and apples later this year.

Although the new life of spring is usually full of hope and excitement for the summer, I find myself a tad bit reflective over what it means this year. I thought that lockdown would be over by spring. I had hoped that our self-imposed imprisonment for our hope was going to be just a few weeks if we all did our part.

It’s been like a basketball drill where parts of the team don’t do their end of the work and we end up having to do the drill longer. That’s how it’s been in lockdown. Some people just don’t get it, nor do they care to get it!

Looking for the perfect pop of color in the witching hour, I found some purple that caught my eye. I couldn’t help but laugh as I remembered the fairy garden my sister orchestrated for Mother’s Day years ago – the remnants still hanging out in an old rusty wheelbarrow.

I wonder what stories it could tell!

How is everyone else doing at home? I hope you had sunshine like us, sunshine where I was able to wash my horses, braid Peco’s mane, go for a walk, say hi to the cows, feed my chickens some cracked corn and brace myself for the longevity of the storm.


2 thoughts on “A Spring Different Than Most

  1. I just told Hubby that April seems like it is dragging by. The previous three months FLEW by but April, not so much. Don’t get me wrong… I like April so I’m glad it seems to be moving slower. Our weather has been superb! We are expecting cooler temps this week that will require a fire in the fireplace but that’s OK, we always enjoy sitting by a toasty fire.

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