Defining Beauty; Are you a “beautiful” person?

What is the definition of beauty? The average person would probably say that "beauty" would be defined as an attractive individual, probably a female and not a male comes to mind. Is this the Merriam-Webster answer?


Checking Your Verbage

I saw something today that caught my full undivided attention, listed on my study information for Miss Rodeo Oregon try outs. I was impressed with the ability that this one line had to change my whole thought process for the day. The webpage that I was reading was listing the "17 Facts that you need... Continue Reading →

Why Cowgirls Love Palazzo Pants

Have you seen cowgirl fashionistas strutting around Vegas or your local rodeo wearing the most preposterous pair of just absolutely amazing pants ever? Want to know what those are?palazzo1 Those, my friends, are the yoga pants of the cowgirl world: PALAZZO PANTS.

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