Defining Beauty; Are you a “beautiful” person?

What is the definition of beauty?

The average person would probably say that “beauty” would be defined as an attractive individual, probably a female and not a male comes to mind. Is this the Merriam-Webster answer?

A quick search on the internet will find you the following definitions of beauty:

A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.


A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

Wait, what?!

Sight is just a portion of the definition of beauty…. it is not the definition of beauty. Beauty is defined not only with sight but intellect and moral sense as well.

This changes things, changes things a lot.

I always considered there was “beauty” and “inner beauty”; there was a big difference. It was the difference between making a judgement call on whether someone was beautiful or not upon first sight & a judgement on character after getting to know someone well. I had my own term for people that I didn’t know well but had heard through newspaper articles, radio shows, television, etc. that someone was beautiful (think Katherine Zeta Jones, Taylor Swift and Bindi Sue Irwin here) and had great inner beauty (as far as I knew) as well: Goddesses.

I was wrong. Again.

Beauty is not defined to just females, it is not subjected down to be a feminine term although we have made it. Can a male have inner beauty? Can they have a heart of gold? OF COURSE! 

How do I define “beauty” now?

Fundamental Components of Beauty

  1. A sense of compassion and love.
  2. The ability to turn the other cheek but stand their ground when necessary.
  3. The charisma to motivate and inspire those around them.
  4. A sense of love and passion for what they are doing, for what they want to do with this life they have been given.
  5. The ability to have what I would use to define as “inner beauty” mask just the plain picture.

Let me explain number 5 for you; have you ever met someone and decided, after getting to know them, that they were much more attractive than you initially thought? That the more you understood who they were and watched as they shaped your life with their energy, charisma and passion it magnified your affection for them until there was no way for you to possibly thing poorly of them.

I was nominated for the “Beautiful Blogger Award” by daleenc who writes the blog Thoughts From a Christian Cowgirl. She was one of the first people that I “met” through the blogging world and I was touched by her energy and charisma. Sounds like the definition of beauty right? She is exciting, full of life, and invests in every person she “meets” along her blogging journey.

How can you be labeled as a “beautiful” person in the blogging world? 

Quite simple, the same way that you would do it in person but, just like cyber bullying (we are looking at the positive extreme of the internet) you can hide behind the keys of your computer with no accountability. If you use this opportunity for good and become an internet superhero, you can motivate, encourage, and build up others. Encourage and invest in their hopes, dreams and passions.

This is how I am nominating people for the Beautiful Blogger Award.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. List 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 7 bloggers.

7 Random Facts About Me

  1. I look best in hats, always have and always probably will and I’m not talking about traditional cowboy hats, I mean baseball caps and flat brim ranch hand hats.
  2. I have a toy Australian Shepherd named Jessie Rue who is the happiest, sweetest, little thing you could ever meet; I don’t know what I would do without her!
  3. I have 5 horses, yup FIVE! My mom would wince if she heard/read this haha! I have a miniature horse that I go running with like he’s a Great Dane named Dude.
  4. I am a former Division I college basketball player and still coach high school basketball at my alma mater.
  5. I hate the sound of people chewing.
  6. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, pavement on a hot summer day after it rains, and the stale air that comes out of an air conditioner that has been sitting.
  7. I have a fear of failure and letting myself down.

Nominated Bloggers/Blogs

  1. A Comeback From Addiction, My Way by up and coming business Novo Veritas which features a gentleman I used to work with (he was much higher up than me). His story is amazing and it’s only just begun! If you want to hear about fighting back for the life you know you deserve to have and achieving dreams you never thought were possible, this is your blog.
  2. all bets are off by the second owner in the Novo Veritas company which features an amazing agriculturally based lady who blogs about her story on how she is reversing Type 2 Diabetes, lost 220 pounds and learned how to run. Seriously, this stuff is amazing! The commitment, perseverance and integrity that it took to go from who she was to who she is meant to be is amazing!
  3. The Kitchens Garden; I love this blog because it features my favorite things in the form of country living and cooking. I love the detailed photographs and the great depictions of a style of farm life that I don’t necessarily live all aspects of (my entire family is afraid of chickens for pete sakes! <Insert eye roll here>).
  4. EquiPepper; This is a newer blog that I just started following. It is very exciting because the writer includes tons of different information, not just lifestory information. I love to learn new things and even if it’s just something that sparks my interest enough to research and look into it further than you’ve made me happy!
  5. BarnRaised is another blog that I enjoy as she volunteers and works very hard in the life she is passionate about. Some of her volunteering is with disabled kids which I think is AMAZING!
  6. StableWomen with Life at a Boarding Stable has been blogging for a very long time and I am impressed with her ability to combine a few words with a few decent pictures and really make you feel like you are checking up on her boarding stable and the adventures that she has running it.
  7. And, my personal favorite, Laura Sumrall with her blog Girl of Mississippi who is the current Miss Rodeo Mississippi and the YouTube “Let It Go” reining superstar that I’m sure you’ve all seen! I know she probably won’t see this though because she is currently practicing for the Miss Rodeo America pageant by going through the Miss Rodeo Texas pageant.

Happy blogging y’all!


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