Relationships: An Introduction to the HUFE


Before you can emotionally invest yourself in any sort of romantic relationship you must first be the conqueror of two things;

  1. You must know what you want. 
  2. You must love yourself for who you are so that you can allow yourself to let somebody else love you. 

Addressing what you want:

If you know exactly what you want and you aren’t budging from it: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Just go ahead and skip this section of my ramblings because the only way that you can be that 110% positive is because you already have found your significant other.

Oh… you are single and still feel that way? Well, you better change your set in stone thoughts because you, my friend, will be staying single for forever.


FACT: A part of knowing what you want out of your future lover is understanding that you are yet to know what exactly you want. This unknown factor is something that they will enlighten you with when you finally meet them. You will never truly know it until you get to know them.

In order to keep yourself focused while on the prowl for your future Hufe (a word I made up as a combination of husband and wife), you need to make yourself a list. If you are looking to date than you are looking to get married. That is the whole point of dating! If you are dating to avoid the single life than you need to find a best friend, get a cat, hampster, or dog and realign your life goals. If you are dating for sex than you don’t understand the purpose of sex or (hem, hemm*) making love. What you need is a little more complicated and that is to think higher of yourself, get a dildo, and potentially visit a lady doctor for a check-up.

The Hufe list needs to be something that you think long and hard about. It’s a list that you will refer to time and again throughout your life. It’s the equivalent of your life goal when it comes to who your Hufe will be.

When I think of the word Hufe I don’t picture a boyfriend, a fiance, or a husband, what I see in my head is my fairy tale ending. Somebody who challenges me, every single day, to be the best that I can be. Who will be in my corner no matter what, somebody that I would die for because they mean that much to me.

Check back for my next blog which will be about your relationship with your future Hufe and how to create your very own Hufe List.


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