Unmoldable – Workouts – Week #1

I didn’t know what to title all of my workouts so I thought that “Unmoldable” would be the perfect theme for this new venture in my life. I am by no means a workout coach, these are just the workouts that I do. If you partake in them and feel any pain or discomfort STOP and go see a doctor!

Unmoldable starts really easy, I don’t want to scare anyone off by any means. If you have been already working out you may find these too easy and may not want to do them and that is TOTALLY FINE, I won’t be offended!
The big thing is to start consuming more water. The more water you consume the less sugary products you are going to take in. The second thing is simply getting your feet in the rhythm of falling one foot after the other on your workout adventure. Even if you are BARELY trudging along at a snail’s pace, keep yourself in a two-beat pace. You can do it!
I get bored running in a facility so I have to go find trails where I have to watch my footing, have my dogs running around like hooligans, etc. Find what is the most entertaining for you! For example, I have this absolutely justified fear of treadmills after my long strides literally stepped onto the solid front of one and projected myself into the front of it *ouch*!
The other thing that I like to do is take progress pictures. Working out isn’t fun in the beginning but then, one day, you look at a progress picture and you SEE the progress and you’re mind blown! Absolutely mind blown and that’s when it becomes addicting! So work hard, have fun, don’t be afraid to have a bad workout. Just like riding horses or anything else in life, some days you are just going to have a flat out awful day BUT you’re a cowgirl, so get back on the horse the next day knowing it’s going to be better than the last one.
Stretching is key. You can google different stretches but if you want help I can write those out for you as well. Stretch even on days you don’t workout because it’ll help your muscles from getting sore.
Just like with anything, we are going to build each week to make your progress even better. Here is a quick scoop of our first month working out together! I am currently in my third week so I am making myself go through it first and working out the kinks for you!
Week 1 = Introduction to Running
Week 2 = Addition of core exercises
Week 3 = Addition of better eating
Week 4 = Addition of protein shakes


Warm up/cool down = 5 minutes of brisk walking for each
A = (Run 1:00 + Walk 2:00) X4
B = (Run 1:30 + Walk 2:00)X4
C = (Run 1:00 + Walk 1:00) X2
Warm-Up | A B A B C C B A B A | Cool-Down
Warm-Up/Cool-Down = 5 minutes of brisk walking
A = (Run 1:30 + Walk 2:00)X3
B = (Run 1:00 + Walk 2:00) X3
C = (Run 1:00 + Walk 1:00) X2
Warm-Up | A B A C C B A B | Cool-Down
Warm-Up/Cool-Down = 5 minutes of brisk walking
A = (Run 1:30 + Walk 2:00) X4
B = (Run 1:00 + Walk 2:00) X2
C = (Run 1:00 + Walk 1:00) X2
Warm-Up | A B A C C A B A | Cool-Down
Have fun! Unmold yourself from the person you used to be, you got this!
~ KS

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