Book Club – Why Not?

Is there a specific age where it’s deemed “okay” to be in a “book club?”

Shoot, who really cares? There are so many benefits to reading everyday and I think that we all overlook it. Sure, we read a lot on our phones, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but, let’s be honest, that’s kind of junk food reading. It’s not REALLY making us more intelligent or something like that.

I do, however, believe that staying up to date on social happenings is important.

Why should we read?

An article I read at Life Hack’s really put it in perspective for the reasons why we should read. I think that the key points for why I read are the following:

  1. Challenge your brain
  2. Improve your worldwide intelligence and overall knowledge
  3. Improve your memory
  4. Strengthen your analytic thinking skills
  5. Improve your writing and story telling abilities
  6. (the most important) QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT

To elaborate on #6 for a second there is a reason that those who read books don’t like when books get turned into movies. The perfect example for me is the Harry Potter series. So many people are in love with the movies and the books BUT for me I had created my own interpretation of the wizarding world in my head – the movies didn’t follow the setting descriptions in my head. I love the Harry Potter World that I know in my head and the way that I pronounced spells verse what the movie showed.

To have a large imagination is a huge blessing in this world. We are all being trained to conform into the same old same old, that’s why I think Unmoldable is so important. Thinking outside the box, being involved with the creative aspects of your mind to allow a new outlet are so important. Whether that is cooking, working out, social media, art, fly tying, or who knows what else it’s important to push yourself to think past the norm.


With that being said, let’s start a book club!

I posted on my Facebook in September about books. When I traveled for basketball and then worked as a customer service agent for a Hilton Garden Inn I would always ask those that I struck up conversation with about what their favorite book is, the one book that they would recommend for me to read. I was always taken aback but their suggestions. It gave me such insight to what their world is like, how they reason and communicate. Books of history, of science, of religion, of self-help, of love and adventure. It seems that we truly love those books that lead the life that we want to be a part of and to understand these different tastes and ways that individuals think made me want more. It made me want to understand the world around me which has helped me with social media and connecting with more people.

Well, 43 book titles and counting and we are well set for a book club. Hang in there as we go over all the books that we have been suggested to read.

Who has time to read in today’s busy world?

I totally understand that, I have an asbolutely crazy schedule as well! Here’s how we are going to do it… together.

We are going to read 25 pages in the morning and 25 pages in the evening for a total of 50 pages a day. I think that I may end up just reading all of them at night or a majority on my lunch break. Either way, we are going to do it!

I will be posting on here with updates of the readings so that we can all stay together!

Where do we start?

  • Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman suggested by Mike Wilkin
  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne suggested by Brett Maddox
  • Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren suggested by both Crystal Hanson & Beci Loeschen

Get your books, it’s time to start reading! We will officially start on October 14th!


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