Growing Up Quickly; The Baby Halter Fashion Statement

I hope you guys aren’t too sick of me blogging about my baby horse; I don’t see how anyone could ever get used to a new life like this! 

Little no name colt is growing up so quickly. It’s strange to think that they progress so quickly in their athletic ability, especially when you consider where you were at that age. 

Little colt has the chance of getting the honor of keeping his manhood and being a stallion down the road. For this reason I am especially nervous and careful about making sure he is well mannered: yes, even at this young age. 

At the ripe old age of 4 days old he got his first halter. I had over calculated his head size but the perk of him being at a training facility I was able to borrow this adorable and better fitting one. 

I got to learn this really cool trick with putting it on him. He wasn’t bad about getting haltered persay but Gina taught me this trick where you wrap one arm in support around their chest and then lift up on the tail and it freezes them. He literally didn’t move! 

Unlike his first adventure out he was confident this time that he wouldn’t get killed with different terrain. A lot of people have to use a butt rope with their babies but not with this guy. I usually carry a lead rope held in a loop with me and whenever he pauses I gently touch it around his butt and then release it the second he walks forward. He’s surprisingly intelligent for his young age so he caught on very quickly to this signal to walk on.  

 As you can see in the above picture the best part about being out a few times is that mom feels comfortable rolling which is a really good natural stretch for her. 


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