The Queen of Fast; Patiently Waiting

I am impatient.

I am an impatient human being.

I pride myself on being able to run fast, to talk fast, to write fast, think fast, to type fast, and so much more.

So what happens when the “Queen of FAST” has to go slow… when she has to wait? Well, you find other things to do in the meantime to make the slow seem just a little bit faster.



On May 19th, 2015, the long awaited horse of my dreams finally appeared. I had grown up throughout my entire childhood, staring out the car window daydreaming that I was riding this giant palomino paint stallion at blazingly fast speeds along the side of the road. Racing cars, winning the Kentucky Derby (don’t judge) and so much more. On May 19th my mare Holly who comes from Foundation Quarter Horse Racing lines and was bred to a quarter horse racing stallion, finally had her foal: a palomino stud colt.

Pecos at just a few days old with myself and his mom Holly.

No he didn’t have the perfect white handprints on his butt or four white stockings (we have a sock on one leg!) but he had the blaze and the height. It was literally like my childhood dream horse had just been born.

After about a month, the cuteness of little baby Pecos Bill had begun to wear off. All I could think about was when I would finally be able to run him at impossible speeds! That’s where the Queen of Fast had to slow down. It’ll be years before I can ride Pecos. I hope that next year I can start working him with saddling and other activities BUT it won’t be until he is three or four that I will start breaking him and it won’t be until he is five or six until I can start running him because then, and only then, will his joints be developed enough.

That’s a long time to wait.

It’s a reason why I decide to try out and become Miss Rodeo Oregon this year. I wanted SOMETHING to fill my time while I waited for my dreams to grow up.

Today Pecos is one year-old.

He is almost 14 hands, he is a stunning palomino with a starkly contrasted blaze and sock, he is an absolute sweetheart and, most importantly, he is still my dream horse. You would think with expectations like this it would be easy for him to fall? Well he hasn’t… yet! I understand that he’s a baby, he’s a stud colt and he’s going to get ornery, fresh and rank at times but that is a part of growing up. I am learning to enjoy those moments where it takes more patience than I was ready for and I’m also learning that I will never get these “little kid” moments back. I learn to laugh when he decides he doesn’t want to trailer that day and we spend an hour practically picking him up to put him in the trailer. I love watching him frolic in the pasture, chasing birds and anything that will move since he definitely has some cow sense.

We will have plenty of time down the road for all those big, crazy dreams but, in a way, this is one of my dreams as well. Because of that… the Queen of Fast is patiently watching as her “little man” grows up!


3 thoughts on “The Queen of Fast; Patiently Waiting

  1. This is so cool! My horse was born May 20th 2015. : ) And I’m having to wait for him to grow up too. I was just telling him today that we are going to be a great team and someday we are going to run off into the sunset! And your horse is adorable! ❤

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