2016 Miss Rodeo Oregon Contestants

Today is the day. The last day that applications for Miss Rodeo Oregon can be submitted. 

It cracks me up because a lot of time I feel like girls look at pageants as a “you vs me” kind of ordeal. Whenever I have assisted people with pageant preparation I repeat over and over again that it’s more than just that. 

Somebody else doesn’t answer a question wrong on the written test for you. 

Somebody else doesn’t suck all your knowledge about a current event out of your head. 

This is all on you. 

Basketball taught me a lot about ownership and accountability; thanks to the worlds greatest strength and conditioning team which was first Clete and then Nate and Jordan. I really struggled being “the skinny” one on the team but Clete was the only one who took one look at me and realized that I truly cared. He taught me to hold myself accountable; I wasn’t a beast like Earlysia, I could not afford to skip even one rep, in fact I should probably do an extra one just in case (and by no means am I saying Earlysia skipped reps, heck no! We wanted to win and winners don’t do that). If I didn’t run on my own, shoot on my own, play one on one at the rec center against strangers, I would never have a chance. 

Turns out I didn’t anyway but I think that was the only thing that kept my teammates respecting me as I was only a benchwarmer come game time. 

As I semi-wait for them to announce the official contestants a part of me wants to stress about WHO it’s going to be!!! But I can’t, but I WON’T. I am not competing against anybody else, I am preparing myself for a job interview and everything I say, do and know is on ME, and ME ONLY. The only way that you can go into a competition is by training to be your absolute best because, as my middle school coaches Amber and Vicki always said: If you play your best, then, at the end of the game, no matter what the scoreboard, you will always be content with how you did. 


P.S. It was so hard for me to spell that hashtag correctly. 


Oh gosh I crack myself up! 😂


3 thoughts on “2016 Miss Rodeo Oregon Contestants


    *rolls eyes* I’m crazy.

    May the odds be EVER in your favor! 😀

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