My Becoming Royal Family; Pageant Prep

As most of you know, I got to do the Becoming Royal clinic at the end of May this year where I had a lot of fun and learned a lot! Two young ladies who were supposed to go to the clinic had a personal conflict that came up last minute and so the clinicians offered to meet with them privately and give them the clinic themselves which they did yesterday, July 2nd.

First, that is such a huge offer to do that for someone! Kind of blows me away!

Second, it seems that all the clinic participants from round 1 had so much fun that everyone who was in the area all showed up again to work on horsemanship at the Philomath Frolic Grounds rodeo arena.

The girls are all starting to get a little nervous and anxious about try outs. There are three pageants held in correlation with the Philomath Frolic Rodeo and Rodeo next weekend: Philomath Frolic & Rodeo Queen Pageant, Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Pageant, and Miss Junior Rodeo Oregon Pageant. The crazy thing is that there are three girls trying out for each of the titles and two of those three girls in EACH of those pageants were at our clinic?! I have 6 #SashSisters trying out next week!!!!

My pageant isn’t until August but, with all the work I have been doing trying to help these other girls get ready, I am starting to feel the nerves and anxiousness that all of them are feeling. It’s hard. I want all of them to win; does anyone realize how hard ALL of them have worked?! I can’t even begin to talk about the roller coasters of ups and downs I have seen each of these girls go through.

I think the most amazing thing about the whole thing is that these girls are all friends. They are helping each other out, asking each other questions, practicing their speeches and modeling with each other. This is so unlike most sports (sorry, I come from the athletic world, I want to compare everything to that) and I absolutely love it.

Rodeo families are the kind of atmosphere and community that two girls can compete for something that they both REALLY want where only one of them that can win. Not only will one of them win but then the runner up will typically be found traveling ,helping with the girl who won who, in return, will help that girl try for another title.

It’s crazy!

And I love it!

Here’s to hoping that my nerves will hold through for the pageant and may every girl have an enjoyable and memorable experience, make connections, and long lasting friendships!


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