“Schedule A Time to Check Facebook”

I got an interesting message from a client once. They said, in reply to my email checking in on the first of the month that they did, in fact, want me to take over their social media.

“Yes, we are so excited to get started! However, I have scheduled a time on Monday to log on to Facebook and give you admin rights to the page so don’t worry this week, we’ll get you next week and call if we have any questions.”


Let’s refresh.
They scheduled a time almost an entire week later to go on Facebook to give me admin rights. Have you realized how much time you spend on social media? Well…. I decided to figure out just HOW MUCH time I spend on social media (keep in mind almost all of my paychecks COME from social media) and the use of the new “Screen Time” tracker on iPhones was HUGE in being able to monitor this as well as my Harpoon software program for tracking.

Via Harpoon, I discovered that I spent about 16 hours a week on social media and another 12-18 hours on my computer either typing, developing or researching. Through my iPhone I discovered that I spent four hours and fifty-three minutes on social media a DAY which was even DOWN 19% from the previous week!

The Breakdown for a Week?

Social Media: 23h 21m

  • Instagram 9h 14m
  • Facebook 6h 27m
  • Texting 4h 52m
  • Twitter 1h 14m
  • Snapchat 55m
  • Pinterest 17m
  • Facebook Messenger 10m
  • LinkedIn 8m
  • Repost App 21s

Games: 4h 18m

Productivity 1h 6m

There was a variety of small other apps that were used throughout the week to reach the full amount of time but anything under the one hour I didn’t feel as if it were worth it to record/mention.

I cannot believe that I send that much time DISCONNECTED from the world. I am a big advocate for not watching television. I think that spending your time watching a screen is pointless and that there are so many other things that you could spend that time doing. I’m not saying that I’m opposed to sitting down one rainy evening to watch a favorite movie but I would much rather sit on the porch to watch the sun set after dinner, sipping coffee and being present.

How HYPOCRITICAL does it make me look when here I am spending over two movies A DAY watching a screen? I think my new goal is to not be at the level where I am “scheduling a time to check social media,” but to be more efficient and focused when I am on social media so that I can get more done.


If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a freelancer looking for a software program to invoice your clients and work I highly suggest Harpoon! Here’s a link to get you started!


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