“… we ought to love one another.”

Sometimes I am just sitting in church and the most random comment or thought hits me and just makes such a profound impact on me that I find myself putting it in EVERY journal that I have. That’s one of the ways that I know that I can’t get something off my mind. One such line hit me hard and this is what I got.

In church on Sunday, Pastor Seth put John 14:6-7 on the slides and proceeded to continue about conversations about God and the existence of God. It’s a mini-series we have been going through at church and I always enjoy the thought provoking questions that he brings forward. With my ENTP personality type, this is the kind of event that I flourish at until my self-conscious kicks in.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.00.27 PM

Sometimes I feel like I get TOO into “mental sparring” and, especially in a church setting, what if people think I don’t believe in God when disbelief is the topic of conversation? That’s my worst nightmare because anyone who knows me (I hope) knows how much I love God and have him in my everyday life.

I found myself wondering what my sister would think – what she would say? What would she think? What questions would she have no because she was TRYING to be the Devil’s Advocate, literally, but because she was genuinely curious and genuinely doesn’t understand the WHY.

Then this slide came up on the overhead:

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.10.08 PM

Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

How often do we forget this? In the pressures and strains of the world do we forget to LOVE, to TRULY LOVE those around us.

I felt a lot of peace at this moment, a clarity at the thought. Right there, in the Bible, God used Pastor Seth and a night sermon to SHOW me just how much of my time I was wasting on being worried about these unseen and unrealistic “threats” on social media and competitors. WHY?!

I remember when my life was the roughest, dealing with bullies, I prayed EVERYDAY for them. That, in and of itself, was exactly what I needed to get through each and every day. If it had not been for God I do not know the dark and dreary hole I could have gone down – He saved me from that.

I’m all about starting and creating new habits and my latest is that we ought to love one another and so I shall, one person at a time.


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