Blog Post #100; A Review

It seems that the blog stories keep pouring out of me as of late – is that a bad thing? To be determined…

It seems that now I seem to have embraced the full-blown writing, 24/7 mode, I can’t stop finding the stories in the day-to-day. Let’s talk about the weekly newspaper articles I write, the quarterly articles for two different magazines, and the occasional random grab for another magazine, newsletter or article.

For this 100th blog post, I wanted to go back over some of the best of all time to come from this blog!

Top Rodeo:

  1. Understanding the PRCA’s Circuit Systems
    What are circuits? How do they work? What’s unique about them? HELP! Everything you need to know about the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s 12 Divisional circuits and the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo. 
  2. Notes From Judging a Rodeo Queen Pageant
    I had no idea when I wrote this blog post, just how much success this post was going to have. Every day I get hits of people looking up this article and I can’t help but wonder if this is something I should have my Becoming Royal non-profit focus on in a blog series! 
  3. Top 10 Tips for Competing in a Rodeo Queen Pageant
    Post Miss Rodeo Oregon pageant – learn from my mistakes, don’t make them yourself! 
  4. 15 Signs You’re a Rodeo Queen
  5. Top 5 Stereotypes of Rodeo Queens

Top #PleaseAllowMeToIntroduce:

  1. #PleaseAllowMeToIntroduce The Loupe Family
    One of the most memorable vacations to date, who doesn’t love Louisiana, kind bayou people and a family that was once on the hit TV show ‘Wife Swap?’
  2. #PleaseAllowMeToIntroduce The 2016 & 2017 Miss NPRA’s
    This may count as rodeo but it gets to go here and have it’s own place to shine! These two young ladies helped make 2016 one of the best to date and I couldn’t think of any better young women to feature than these two at this point in time! 

Top Royal Adventures:

  1. Klamath Falls Bull Sale
    Wow, such a trying time this was! Fresh from the Miss Rodeo America Pageant, a boss that caused me to literally shake with fear before getting to work, and so many other internal conflicts – this was the perfect work getaway with my co-workers to enjoy my last few months with my dream job! 
  2. Am I Pretty? 
    Talking about everything that bad relationships can do to one’s mental psyche, I got real REAL in this post. 
  3. Silvies Valley Ranch Part I: Simply Amazing
    I got this amazing opportunity to tour Silvies Valley and I was beyond impressed with all that they had to offer for agritourism and promoting our ranching industry to a demographic not accustomed to the rigors or lifestyles of the American rancher.
  4. You Can’t Take Someone Else’s Responsibility
    Hard to write. Still hard to read. A hard lesson to learn. 


I can’t wait to continue tow rite more and more so make sure that you get involved in anyway you can either through commenting, sharing, prompting me on subjects you want me to write about! Like I say in my “About” section, this blog is the one form of social media that I don’t conform to social norms or the most recent research on how to success. This blog is made to just share a little bit about me!


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