What is #PleaseAllowMeToIntroduce ?


This hashtag is not something that I can take credit for, it is the by product of bouncing ideas off of a co-worker.

One day at work, talking about the possibility of a blog (because keeping this anonymous is pertinent to me), my co-worker said that she and her friends in North Carolina had come up with an idea for the blog that never actually got going. The title was going to be called #PleaseAllowMeToIntroduce.

Being more into photography than I am, the whole point of the blog was a great head shot of a person followed by this hash tag in the title followed by their name. The blog would be open to whoever wanted to post and you would introduce to the “world” the wonderful people that you always seem to meet when you are traveling, broke down on the side of the road, or stuck in the grocery line.

You know the kind of people I am talking about. The guy who survived being stabbed 17 times by a schizophrenic outside his church on Christmas Eve mass. The founder of N7 (Nike’s tribute to the Native American tribes) that you met on the plane coming home from Grandma and Grandpa’s. The politician who helped you with your paper on the train, the former world champion cowboy at the barber shop, or the unique homeless man whose story left a lasting impression on you.

You get the drift right?

Since they never got their blog up and running, I want to introduce this concept to you. I want you to think of #PleaseAllowMeToIntroduce whenever you meet someone new and intriguing, someone worthy of being introduced. Use the hash tag and the appropriate tags and lets see who all we can meet!


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