2016 Miss Rodeo America Pageant; Day 1

This blog belongs solely to myself and does not reflect the opinions of Miss Rodeo America Pageant Inc. nor affiliate with any other Incorporation. 


I just finished Day 1 of the marathon of viewing which I will get the amazing opportunity to witness over the course of the next 8 days. I cannot believe that I am actually here, at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant, watching all of the happenings that I can. The thought that “this will be me next year” has crossed my mind TOO MANY times to count and I really wish that it would stop!

These young ladies are so prepared and so beautiful both inside and out. I don’t think the judges could really go wrong in selecting the next Miss Rodeo America.

I am trying my absolute hardest to watch each and every girl, to learn more about their personality and their mannerisms; the winner will be the lady that I will get to reign under throughout my year.

I think that the person that I have been most impressed with so far is … Lauren Heaton. I know, she can’t win the crown again, she’s already Miss Rodeo America BUT … she is so effortlessly amazing with her public speaking. It’s so easy to see her wit, knowledge, humor, passions outside of rodeo, and charm with the ease of manner in which she not only speaks but presents herself and puts up those around her.


Today’s events included an impromptu question and the judging of the girls’ custom designed Wrangler jeans.


There were 5 questions that the ladies randomly drew from a fishbowl that included the following generic topics, although they weren’t worded as I will word them below:

  1. Syrian refugees being admitted into the United States is being argued against by states, do you think in your personal opinion that they should be admitted?
  2. Since the Paris attacks there have been new International travel warnings; do you think that we should have travel restrictions?
  3. Some states have begun legalizing marijuana, do you think that this is a good or bad thing?
  4. Should body cameras be required for police, what is your opinion?
  5. Do you think that requiring school uniforms would hinder or enhance the education of today’s youth?

One thing that I noticed about all of these questions is that they quite simply asked for your opinion. I think that a big thing these judges and this organization are looking for is someone who is going to be able to confidently and intelligently state her opinion upon today’s current events.

The girls whose answers I liked the best were polished, factual, unoffensive and captivated your attention.


The winner of the custom designed Wranglers was Miss Rodeo Texas who had done a stencil design on the legs with a fringe bottom. I saw lots of Wranglers designed that I really enjoyed. Miss Rodeo Oregon had her Pendleton print (I know, I’m partial to both!) and Miss Rodeo Montana had a stylish casual wear she had created with cheetah print and rhinestones.




All in all it was a fun day and I look forward to tomorrow’s horsemanship portion!


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