My Saddest Work Good Bye

Yesterday I said good bye to my employment status at Wilco Farm Stores.

It was the saddest and hardest work good bye I have ever had to do.

I started working for Wilco in November 2015, right before I left for the Miss Rodeo America Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada as a lady-in-waiting. It seems like so much has passed since then but it has only been six months. It was heartbreaking for me to leave Wilco. They have been so good to not only myself as an employee but also to Miss Rodeo Oregon Pageant where they have been a Miss sponsor as well as a pageant sponsor for a number of years.

Wilco went above and beyond, working with my Miss Rodeo Oregon schedule, as well as all my fellow employees personal and educational schedules. It blows my mind that such a large corporation could really care so much about┬átheir employees. The thing is, Wilco recognizes that it’s employees are people living the way of life that their most loyal customers are. Being out there and living the country way of life allows us the opportunity to better assist those customers in the store.

The amount of knowledge and experience throughout all of the workers is absolutely mind blowing.

Wilco has been named one of the top work places for the last 5 years consecutively and many more besides that and it really isn’t a surprise. They do everything that they can do take care of their customers from reward systems to the employee discount.

As you can tell, it would take a lot to move me out of Wilco and I got offered a job position that I couldn’t give up. It is an opportunity to work in a position with political power and assistance to the Oregon rancher’s that I feel so close too. My work at Wilco has led me to this position as I have worked with a lot of these ranchers and future ranchers through their incentive programs. I can only hope that the person who takes my position at Wilco loves it just as much as I did and I will be in there every two weeks to get feed and check up on some of the greatest employees anyone could ever find at the Corvallis Wilco.


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