From Wild to Willing featuring Allie Martin

Three months ago, I was sitting on the ground in a stall of a horse I had only just met, crying hysterically and feeling like a complete failure. It was day 5 and she huddled in the corner, quivering and terrified at my presence. I had no idea what to do, I had never been in a situation where I couldn't even get close to a horse before. We were just two terrified, young animals staring blankly at each other, completely clueless and scared.

Notes from Judging a Rodeo Queen Pageant

This weekend I judged a rodeo queen pageant, something that I am relatively new too. Being a rodeo queen judge is interesting because you have to look as nice as the contestants, you have to know more than the contestants about general knowledgeable items, and you have to be able to keep an open mind... Continue Reading →

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