I Gave In To The Hype… I Tried a Sushi Burrito

“So what? You were too lazy to cut the roll so I got a sushi churro?”

That was my exact thought when I heard of this new foodie craze in the pacific northwest. I had taken some items to Portland to hand off to someone and figured that, as long as I was in the area, why not go and get one of these sushi burritos?

Location: Happy Valley Station Food Carts, 13551 SE 145th Street, Happy Valley, OR
Food Truck Name: Wasabi Sushi PDX

For starters, the “Sushi Burrito” is not called that, it’s called a “Sushi B-Ritto.” They have ten different varieties of Sushi B-Ritto’s that you can pick from which include combinations of your favorite sushi rolls. They have spider, poke, tuna, and so much more. Without thinking, or really looking at the menu, I simply asked for the most popular Sushi B-Ritto. The young lady serving told me it was the Cartlab B-Ritto. (Curious about the other Sushi B-Ritto’s? Click here to see their full menu!)

We all eat with our eyes first, this is the utmost of importance and even non-sushi eaters would eat sushi b-rittos because they are absolutely stunning. As large as any burrito from your favorite Mexican food stop, they are so big you can barely hold them in your hand. They have so many beautiful colors within them but my biggest fear was an overwhelming amount of raw fish in order to fill up the burrito which would simply be “too much.” img_2377

Instead of an overpoweringly raw-fish stuffed burrito, we had a variety of different vegetables including lettuce, with a sauce, a Krab stick, tempura shrimp, and spicy tuna in the burrito that I got.

“Spicy tuna” is where I went wrong however. I am a big fan of “spicy food” in respect to the Cajun definition which is “spicy meaning well seasoned.” I do not like my food to be hot just to be hot; I like it to be well seasoned to have a bite. You will never just catch me dumping hot sauce on my food. This tuna was HOT and it actually was so intensely hot that I felt sick from it after eating only a quarter of my b-ritto. However, quick thinking helped me figure out that it was the tuna causing my disgust. I removed the tuna and ate the rest of the b-ritto as a glorified California roll and it was DELICIOUS.

My only real complaint besides my taste preference on the tuna (which was my own fault, I will claim that, I should have checked to see what was inside of it before I got it) was that they coat the outside of the burrito with puffed rice to create a firmness that you can hold. I know that it logically made sense to do that so you could eat the b-ritto like a burrito but it was uncomfortable on the roof of my mouth biting into it.





Rating: 3.5 stars
This rating could go up if I tried another type of Sushi B-Ritto but I would prefer eating sushi rolls over the b-ritto at this point in my life.





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