I was blessed to be challenged from the absolute beginning of my year by my mentor, Ashley Minaise, in regards to just what exactly I wanted to accomplish this year. I think too many young women look at a title opportunity, won through the pageant world, and in the excitement and craziness of their requirements they forget that they have an opportunity to do something bigger than just wear a crown on their head. 

I believe that every young woman is extremely and amazingly unique. We all have a different story, different hobbies and so much more. I am not the same as any Miss Rodeo Oregon who has come before me, just like each of them are uniquely different than all the others as well. What each young woman brings to the title is different than the others. The people that she will be able to inspire are not the same ones that the titleholder after her will be able to inspire. Never at one point will one titleholder be able to reach everyone and that’s part of the beauty of a rotating title. 

Social media allows these young woman Titleholders to share their passions and personality; it allows them to seem more “human” and be more accessible. 


This is the word that I have decided to define my year as. If you jump on your Google search or thumb through your Miriam-Webster Dictionary you won’t find this word defined in there. Unmoldable is a word that doesn’t exist and that in and of itself seems pretty poetic to me. 

The definition of moldable in a noun form is the shape created or imparted on a thing by a mold. My go-to example of this is making Christmas cookies using a cookie cutter, making sure every single cookie is uniform and the same. This KILLS me!!! Why?! Because we are all made from the same cookie dough and it doesn’t matter what shape we are in (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) we’re all going to be just as amazing and even more unique. 

The definition of Unmoldable would then be the ability of one to become and create their own unique image based upon their own personal experiences. I added a second line to this definition though: being Unmoldable can only be attained through positivity and good intentions. If breaking the mold for you means being mean then don’t. That’s not what this is about. This is about embracing your uniqueness, flourishing and inspiring. 

My message to all of you out there: 








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