European Vacation – The Prelude

The American cowboys and cowgirls are going to Europe – someone pray. I’m not sure if you should pray for us or pray for the United Kingdom for when this whirlwind group of fun touches down!

About a year ago, we made the offhand comment about wanting to go to Europe. Well, my older sister Nicole is the ultimate planner and she wants nothing more than to go to Europe, so with the fierceness that I take to work she drug the rest of us along to make it happen. Being the media person, I just want to make a loosely scripted, fun-loving, adventure showcasing video blog series about the event to go along with all of my other social media.

The Cast

Nicole Schrock – The Planner36660481_10216921925224827_3917474013240098816_n

Meticulous and thought out, Nicole is shy and introverted but a phenomenal horsewoman, artist and avid lover of literature and any show she can binge watch on Netflix or Hulu. Traveling for her job, she gets “out of the US borders” more than the rest. She takes everything literally though, so when Warren Clayton (see below) made a joke about this being our own mini-version of The Amazing Race… the rest of the group no longer knows what she has put together for the trip as she has artistically packaged up clue and challenge cards for the adventure!


Randi Johnson – The English Major24131374_1532064566887737_674461595180638317_n

Randi is a buckaroo cowgirl from southeastern Oregon with origins going to the ranching high country of Nevada and California. This is her first trip out of the country but she has been ready for this her entire life… or her entire reading life. She’s an english major with a specialty in anything prior before her family even considered her being around, we are talking circa 1800’s. She’s getting to go to the motherland for the first time, the home base for her favorite books by Jane Austen, and, as long as she doesn’t get engaged while we are there to a British gentleman I think we’ll be good!


Please understand that I’m already starting the dramatization here! 

Warren Clayton – The Bodyguard33967247_10156358055748550_1669614475566645248_o

The poor gentleman commandeered on the adventure of the girls because, when in a zombie apocalypse not one person who has met W.C. would ever not immediately think of getting to him for safety. He’s strong, smart, and a handy man – he’ll be in charge of keeping everyone on track and carrying Randi’s books we all know she’ll buy as well as Katie’s make-up kit.






Katie Schrock – The Adventurist1475910_10205689810389610_8744137802207166692_n

If someone is going to get everyone in trouble, it’s Katie. Competitive by nature and a laidback personality, it’s going to be the death of Nicole who is the strict planner and the frustration of W.C. to keep up. When it comes to winning competitions, going first, or doing crazy stunts – this will probably all fall on Katie.



There’s the start of our dramatization! We are going to upgrade our personalities to the next level through some mild exaggeration to fit our roles, showcase the differences, but, all in all, we are a similar group of people of strong morals, a thirst for adventure and a budding excitement to go on our trip!

What thoughts do you have on how we showcase our trip? Drop your comments below to let me know as I plan out our media calendar!


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