Present Parents Create The Future

I think that as we continue to grow older, we drift further away from the opinion that we know everything and begin to find the location where we realize everything we did wrong.

I am fortunate to get to work in the Capitol, learning about politics, and growing as a young agvocate (agricultural advocate). I was most impressed in mid-March of 2017 when I watched a FOURTEEN YEAR-OLD girl named Kyndall Davis testify against proposed animal antibiotics bills in the Oregon Legislature.

A member of her high school FFA chapter, she was confident, knowledgeable and willing to fight for the animal agriculture that she wants to have a career in. What was I doing at 14?

Well, 14 year-old Katie had just purchased a car, a 1964 Nova SuperSport to be exact. I spent most of my time playing basketball and riding horses. I was involved with 4H through the top levels but I never had an interest to pursue the highest level of national ambassadorship. Why? Because I was trying to gear myself up for a full-ride athletic scholarship in basketball.

I’m not saying that Kyndall is right. I’m not saying that my path was right.

What I’m saying is that, at the root of both of us, is that we have a very strong mother figure in our life and a parental unit who wants the best for us. My parents allowed me the education, insight, and any other item necessary to achieve my dreams. As do Kyndall’s.

Kyndall’s parents are some of the most positive, caring, knowledgeable, ambitious and PRESENT parents I have ever met. While running their own companies, they are also involved in a variety of other activities that are absolutely amazing when it comes to agvocacy. Geoff and Shelly (Boshart) Davis are involved in everything from lobbying, the Port of Portland, trucking, farming, FFA, and everything in between that is providing support to the youth of our country.

I have always firmly believed that IF I will ever be blessed enough to be a parent, I hope to be as strong as both my own mother and Shelly in creating amazing opportunities for my sons and daughters to change the world and their future.

Do not be afraid to keep your kids in the know. Do not tell them opinions, explain to them facts. Allow them to grow as they puzzle and analyze their way through a situation to understand the repercussions of what it could mean for them. This is how we are going to create the next generation.


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