“Puppy Bump”

“Puppy Bump”

Coming to a rodeo near you!

I figured why not share this little adventure of the other weekend because so many people were asking questions on my SnapChat and Instagram about the adorable little puppy that I picked up at the Sisters Rodeo the first weekend in June… and promptly held inside my vest to protect it from the cold for the next 6 hours before handing it off on the next direction.

Seriously, rodeo travel is the way to go when it comes to puppy delivery services, maybe. You see this little dog started off at a non disclosed location and then ended up sitting in a little purple fabric carrier underneath JJ Harrison’s motorhome at two in the morning.

“I got a text at 2:00 am that woke me up asking if I got this puppy!” JJ said the next day in explanation as to why he was walking around with this purple dog carrier strapped over his shoulder.

I could tell that JJ was a little stressed, he was working the rodeo, and there was no way that the little guy was going to be able to be IN the rodeo with him so he was simply going to put the carrier back in the flag shed and leave it there until the team ropers were there and the next hand off in the puppy pony-express could grab it.

It seems that every year in Sisters, there is one REALLY cold day. Last year we had this torrential, bone-chilling rain storm that resulted in me standing in just a t-shirt, soaked to the bone because I had given all of my layers (that I had carefully planned) to all of the queens! Where I am getting with this is that THIS was the REALLY COLD DAY in Sisters. So cold, in fact, that the queens coming over from the Portland Grand Floral Parade encountered a fresh snow storm on the pass. (I really thought that we had finally hit summer?)

I understood JJ’s frustration with the

img_68822:00 am wake up though because, like everyone at the rodeo, I felt like I was running solely on coffee. In a strange way, I am so glad that I am a coffee drinker now! I feel like a regular old rancher sipping my warm, soul-soothing, and energizing coffee in the morning; especially in beautiful central Oregon with the fresh crisp air. Unlike everyone else, though, I wasn’t exhausted and tired from being out too late on the Friday night. I was exhausted because I was still jet lagged from being in Oklahoma the whole week before and the time zone was getting me for sure! (You should have seen my confusion the night before when I was mind blown to see it was “only” 11pm and I couldn’t keep my eyes open!)

My full maternal instincts kicked in like they do with baby animals and I had the carrier tucked away, the little female dog named “Sis” in honor of the Sisters Rodeo and then we were on our way to lots of adventures.

At about four inches tall and an absolute tank, Sis was probably one of the best behaved puppies that I have ever met. I am assuming she was some sort of toy or mini heeler but I couldn’t help but laugh at her personality. True to puppy style, she slept in my vest almost the entire time. I got her out twice to run around and go to the bathroom which she did diligently. I was mildly amused when she got “low” to the ground (she’s already very low) to herd a horse as it walked by and all I could say was, “Sis, that horse’s tail would knock you over.”

In all of the flag exchanges, moving between horses, moving timed event cattle, and helping out with all other odds and ends at the rodeo, Sis only got bumped ONCE! And she let us know with a couple sharp barks before going back to sleep.

I couldn’t help but laugh as most of my friends couldn’t help but make jokes that they thought that I was pregnant and then when Clay Noel Barry commented, “Oh puppy bump! Let me see!” Then proudly showed off her Chihuahua puppy hiding in her jacket that I couldn’t help but laugh and share this “Puppy Bump” story with all of you.

After the team roping, Sis headed off with her respective team roper (who may not have been too ecstatic about being a dog transport) to her new home in California. I may have added her new “mom” on Facebook just so I can keep up with her stories but she hasn’t accepted it as of yet!

Heading off on the rodeo road for the rest of summer, I’m sure I’ll end up with another “puppy bump” watching the rodeo. Have you ever been guilty of a puppy bump? If so, at what point do you make them venture off on their own? Asking for a friend, because I don’t still put Jessie Rue, my toy Aussie in my jacket….


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