My Little Sisters – From The Little Sister

Is it really true? My little sisters have officially passed their crowns down.

I could never have told you what it would mean to have them be a part of my family for this year and every other year. Their mothers have become just like my own when it comes to people for a sympathetic ear for a rant, a hug when I need comforted or a laugh when I’m feeling down.

What was our year like?


It was enchilada’s at midnight in a random town…where we rode in the back of the pickup because there wasn’t room for all three of us in the front and, well, we stick together!

It was doing a fish rodeo, jeans rolled up, trying not to get our hats wet and then accidentally killing two fish with our grip because we didn’t want them to get away.

It was watching movies late at night, typically our Disney princess movies – when can we have a rodeo queen one???

It was our vehicles breaking down or a horse coming up lame and having to just laugh it off in exasperation as we put all our brains together to figure life out.

It was the littlest one telling us about the young man she liked, the one who carried her band instrument home from school.

It was doing the cha-cha slide at coronations together.

It was about how we had to take the same photo at every single event together.

It was about how our littlest sister had to show the rest of us how to model – she’s a professional, I’m serious!

It was about the middle one being the greatest teacher and having the most amazing patience when it comes to working with small children.

It was about the middle one learning to have her voice, speaking up for what it truly means to be a rodeo ambassador to her peers in a time of adversity – a moment that I will forever be SO ridiculously proud of her for!

It was about our group texts that went on WAAAYYY too late in the night while we all tried to suppress giggles so no one would knew that we were up!

It was about smuggling baked goods out while we were on our horses.

It was about running around like hooligans with the legendary sugar glider John Wayne the Rodeo Squirrel (you can find him on Instagram).

It was about pushing cows and packing flags, always knowing that, no matter what, we could always count on each other at rodeos.

It was about the middle child getting “attacked” by John Wayne because she had melted ice cream on her fingers.

It was about the youngest one always taking over our snapchats and snapchat filters with her ability to wiggle her ears.
It was about gaining two new families into my family.

It was about knowing that this year would never have been what it was without them.

I am thankful that God has given me an opportunity to be in the lives of these two girls; I would do absolutely anything for them!



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