Goal #1 – No Soda

My 2017 New Year’s Resolution was to take things one week at a time. I was going to do something different in that every Sunday I would start a new goal that I would keep for 21 days. The reason for 21 days is that my research told me that it takes only 21 days to break an old habit and form a good one. Changing my quality of life for 2017, one week at a time.

 Goal #1: No soda.

I have always heard these horror stories of people trying to change their eating styles, their eating habits, and how impossibly horrible it was. I had this co-worker who would complain and, truly, be in pain when it came to cravings. I have NEVER had something like that happen to me.

I have always wondered (I really hope I’m not the only one here, otherwise people are going to think that I’m really crazy) if I would be able to break a bad addiction. Alcoholism, cigarettes, so much more. I see the daily struggle through people’s social media posts and so much more – could I survive that? The thing is, I don’t want to get addicted to try!

Instead, I took on soda. Pepsi.jpg

I LOVE PEPSI. Not Coca-Cola, Pepsi.
I’m really specific here. It’s SOOOOOO good! Nothing tastes better with dinner after a big workout or even just eating certain foods – it just gets me. In an effort to make the caffeine addiction worse… I drank two cans at least a day for the last two weeks of December. A large enough consumption that those around me started commenting on it – good. I was trying to make myself addicted to it.

January 1st through January 21st was no soda.

Total survivor. It wasn’t hard AT ALL. So my question in regards to quitting bad habits still isn’t answered.

I will admit, I was very pleased to see, around Day 17 or so, I was eating a meal and I had my first craving. I just wanted to order a soda like everyone else but I got myself a peach lemonade which was delicious and thirst quenching. I was fine after my first sip.

Every single goal has a reward; that’s what makes the goals so much fun. It’ll be like Christmas every single weekend as long as I can keep the goal going!

Goal #1 Reward: 2017 Planner

This may have been the real reason as to why I lasted so long in regards to the “no soda” situation. I love anything organizational even though I may be one of the most disorganized people that you will ever meet. Pens, markers, paper, binders, folders, sticky notes, highlighters – gosh it just gets me REALLY excited!

I wouldn’t let myself get a 2017 Planner which allowed for a lot of frustration on my part through these first three weeks but, today, since I have not had any soda in 2017, I was able to put my order in for my new planner – a fancy one too! Extra incentive for me to keep following through with these 21 days goals!

Tune in for next week, I’ll let you know how Goal #2 plays out! 


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