Ten Interesting Facts About Me

Who am I?

I am a lot of things!

That’s something that I’m pretty proud of and so I want to share with you a few interesting facts about myself, so, if you’re an interviewer out there, here’s some exciting things you can ask me to elaborate on! 😉

  1. I was a pretty phenomenal rabbit showmen back in the day, the herd count between my sister and I ranked somewhere around 100 Californians, Hollands Lops, Lionheads and Netherland Dwarves (those are rabbit breeds if you didn’t know).
  2. I’m really good at blow drying and fitting cattle; have you ever seen these show cattle before? They’re ADORABLE! And my best friend and I created our own fake “business” called “K & L Enterprises.” She clipped and I fitted!
  3. I have gone “green room” status every time I have been on the Snake River Fishing. The “green room” is when you go over an unnoticed rock and you go past the “white room” where you see the white froth of the water on the windshield and then progress to the “green room” which means you’re completely underwater. Yes, we broke the front window out of the boat every time… no wonder the neighbors stopped inviting us along to go fishing!
  4. In high school I won a “hero award” which they didn’t call it at the time but that’s what the certificate had for an incident in my high school equestrian team’s drill run at the state competition.
  5. I was a McDonald All-American Nominee and 3 time All-League and All-State team member for high school basketball in Oregon.
  6. When I first started riding my first horse I wasn’t technically allowed to by my mom. Too small to put tack on his 16 hand frame, I would bait him to the fence rail with apples that had fallen in our orchard and use a small crop to tap him on the cheekbone to change his direction.
  7. I love hunting and fishing but don’t get to do it as much as I wish I could due to the fact that basketball took up most of my hunting and fishing time. I do tie flies for fly fishing however I have never actually GONE fly fishing.
  8. I can play the piano just as well blindfolded as I can without, yet I only took lessons for three years from Kindergarten through Second Grade.
  9. I was honored into a Native American tribe my freshman year of basketball; the beads they gave us can be seen in the photos of myself, my horse, and my basketball jersey from Oregon State.
  10. I want to someday have three big things: 1. Create Nike Rodeo (protective gear and equipment for rough stock riders and cowboy lifesavers, as well as FitBit like technology to be used on livestock and performance horses for rodeo, racing, and eventing) 2. Have a bison ranch (because it’s healthy and nutritious and a huge part of our western heritage) 3. Have a summer “Charms School” youth program that teaches youth of both genders how to cook, sew, work on cars, farm, carpentry, welding, dance, table etiquette, public speaking, banking, second languages and more.

Well, that’s all folks!

I hope you enjoyed learning these quick and quirky facts about me!


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