Through a Mother’s Lens featuring Kristi Schrock

As part two of our feature of rodeo queen mom’s for Mother’s Day weekend in honor of rodeo queen’s we have guest blogger Kristi Schrock… who is my MOMMY!

I love my mom very much! At times we are VERY (and scarily) similar while at others I feel like we don’t connect at all. This is a part of being family. If you know my mom then you know that she absolutely refuses to have her photo taken (sounds familiar, I was very similar to that before I started this queuing thing) but she does an amazing job at the other end of the camera.

My mom is by no means a professional although I firmly believe she could be with just a little bit of effort, she is already so close.

She is also the perfect person to take to events because she gets lasting memories to keep for forever… or for the most perfect Instagram picture later. Every rodeo queen from about 2010 on knows which mom to look for during all group pictures and who to look for to arrange us in the pictures at coronations. She is literally the lead Mamarazzi!

Kristi Schrock is the mother of the first ever sister’s to hold the title of Miss Rodeo Oregon; the 2013 Miss Rodeo Oregon Nicole Schrock and the 2016 Miss Rodeo Oregon Katie Schrock. She talks about how she loves her camera as her form of artwork to showcase what the life of a rodeo queen mom is like… through the lens of her Canon camera.

   Many friends have jokingly referred to me as the “Queen Mom”.  I am not sure what a “Queen Mom” is.   I am just a mom!
I have two amazing, intelligent, beautiful and unique daughters.  They hold the distinct honor of being the first sisters to each hold the title of Miss Rodeo Oregon.  Nicole was Miss Rodeo Oregon 2013 and Katie wears the title this year.  Perhaps this is where the “Queen Mom” title comes from.
I am not a real open type person.  Even with those closest to me.   I have taken to use the lens of my camera to share my feelings with those around me.  Through my viewfinder, I am able to showcase how beautiful my girls are.  There is their obvious beauty, but with my camera I can freeze the second in time when they connect with a young child and create a lasting memory.  A well timed photo can reflect the beauty of an elderly person, who can no longer saddle up on their favorite horse, relive those moments in a brief meeting with one of my daughters.
My camera allows me to record how unique each of my daughters are, and this amazing journey we call life.  I am able to capture those moments in time that will show generations to come how special my daughters, and the people in their lives, are.
There is a lot to being a “Queen Mom”, but it’s most important to just be a mom.  Like many rodeo Queen mothers, I have stayed up all night sewing a new outfit for a special event, and then driven across the state the next day.  Cooking for a week to have meals all prepared for the next rodeo weekend, with enough extra to feed any friends that may stop by.
It is my greatest hope that through my lens, I am able to capture the images that show my deep love and admiration for those closest to me, and that those photos encourage us to grow and learn.  It’s not about being best; it’s about being your best!

~ Kristi Schrock; 2013 & 2016 Miss Rodeo Oregon Queen Mom ~

I know I am biased but my mom is pretty special. She makes the best food, the best clothes, and always goes the extra mile! Not just that but my “Queen Mom” is also the mom of many other rodeo queens out there. The number of Benton County Queens she has been a director for, the number of young girls she has guided through pageants, the number of other rodeo queen mom’s she has lend a helping hand too when they felt nervous or overwhelmed. Thanks mom for all that you do for not just me but for all the rodeo queens out there, I love you!

~Katie Schrock~


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