Beware of Happiness Haters


“Successful people link up, they don’t squash each other”

Have you ever noticed that the better you are doing, the more adversity you face? Last week, one of my events included going to Dallas Market to meet with a company that I’m proud to represent, Union of Angels. While there, Cynthia Bapst, the designer and owner, made a comment that stood out to me. She said “I don’t care if I’m at the top or at the bottom, I’ve been in both positions and I’ve always been the person that is happy to see others doing well.” In this day and age, that is difficult to find. Like Cindy, I’ve always been this person as well. I’ve been put in several positions to see my friends succeed or achieve a new accolade and I’ve watched as those around them begin making excuses to grow distant from them. Although discouraging, I’ve…

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