Our Dating World – It’s a Strange One

Now that you have learned and understood what you are looking for in a Hufe it’s time to understand the dating world that we live in now. There is a saying that everything in this world is traveling in a circle (or something like that) and I more than agree with this. On a larger scale, I can show how it’s true with the dating world.

In the prelude to my Pride & Prejudice copy, the author who gives the prelude tells us about how the dating world of Jane Austen’s story is very different than the dating world of the ’90’s. In the old British era, where you probably never even kiss your future husband before the wedding night, you had to understand what every gesture, comment, request to dance and a smile meant. Girls were more conerned with securing a financially stable husband instead of finding love. Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth Bennet’s best friend in the book, claims that you nab a man for marriage and then you have all of the leisurely time available to fall in love. The theory is that divorce is very common in this day and age and it is only becoming more and more prevalent; something that wasn’t socially acceptable (or maybe not even possible) in that era.

Why is this so? My belief is that being unfaithful is becoming more and more common. The ability of an individual to continue secretly (or so they think) shopping around for something better is the reason relationships aren’t working out.

The days that the prelude author mentioned are long gone. We are actually living in a modern recreation of Eliza Bennet’s world. In today’s dating world we have to know what every text, Instagram/Facebook/Twitter like/favorite means. He retweeted you on your deep, late night tweet on relationships… Does he want to be in a relationship with you or did someone else come to his mind when he read that tweet? We have come around in a complete circle when it comes to the dating world.

Have guys ever wondered why girls like any movie by Nicholas Spark? It’s because the male leads are always strong emotionally and trustworthy men. Men. Girls want men and men want ladies. Make the change in your own actions and behaviors if you want to find yourself the respectful kind of man that you picture in your dreams.

How can we expect a man to treat us like a lady, which would be him acting like a gentleman, if we don’t require ourselves to be the ladies of which is deserving a gentleman? A lot of my friends get on the “Feministic Train” as I like to refer to it, where they say that they are equals to guys (which we are) and that they can act however they want. Wrong. So wrong.

A lady has class and respect to others. When you boil down what determines a “classy” lady it is a lady that respects herself and who she is. Therefore if you don’t respect yourself and others how can you expect somebody else to respect you? Point the finger at yourself before pointing it at someone else.


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