Back Story; The Five Things You Need to Know About Me

Hey everybody!

I have never really blogged before but I have been an avid journaler my entire life and thought that this would be a fun New Year’s Resolution as a way to put my thoughts and feelings out there for everybody.There are five core things that you should no about me before you get started reading any of my rants, raves or musings.

  1. GOD – I spent the majority of my life searching for a deeper understanding of religion and the connection that people have with God and Jesus. I wasn’t brought up in the church or in a religious family but we were raised with the strong country morals (that are pretty synonymous with most religious morals). Upon starting college I found myself gifted the freedom to go to church. It wasn’t until December 2013, when my entire world came crashing down on me that I finally gained the complete relationship with God and my savior Jesus Christ. To welcome him into my heart and into my home with open arms has been the most complete feeling. Every day I strive to learn more and to grow as an individual with God. I dedicate a big part of this discovery and growth to the I am Second movement by Doug Bender. Please look them up online and get their Daily Reader; live Second, 365 Ways to Make Jesus First.
  2. Country Lifestyle – Being “country” isn’t the bro-country that we hear on modern country radio. It’s about the ’90’s country, all the way! It’s about “Standing Outside the Fire”, and how “It’s a Great Day to be Alive”. It’s about working from sun up to sun down, to understand just how strongly politics and economics can affect your day to day. It’s about the food you put on the table and the animals that nurture your soul. Being country is more than just a pair of Daisy Dukes and rhinestoned cowgirl boots; it’s about the ugly outfits you throw together to stay warm or clean. Pure country in it’s finest form.
  3. Food – You will never meet someone who loves food as much as me. I always entertain ideas of starting my own restaurant or food truck but then I worry about losing that love you have for something when you make it a job. I believe that food is the basis for a healthy lifestyle and that when you begin to respect your body enough to eat well then you are going to go further than that as you grow in confidence. With that confidence you will be more prone to workout, make healthier life decisions and therefore make healthier relationship decisions. Food, in and of itself, can help change all the aspects of your life. I believe that the pacific northwest has its own unique style of cuisine which is simple, locally grown ingredients, well raised meat products and fresh caught food from our plentiful oceans and seas. Join me on my adventure of discovering and creating new recipes and although I am terrible at measuring I will do my best for you so that you can recreate this recipes at home with your family!
  4. Relationships – I have included this section not because I think that I am a professional by any means when it comes to relationships but due to my strange outlook on life people are always interested in my crazy theories. This way I can share them with you guys and we can bounce them off of each other! I have an entire journal filled with my wild theories that I began writing down after my junior year of college when a communications teacher told me that my theories were so interesting and had so much truth in them that I should write them down as he could see them being an inspiring book to someone someday. To inspire others is the end goal of my life so of course I followed his suggestion! Hopefully I can inspire you to think more deeply about all of your relationships and to therefore allow you to get the most out of them.
  5. Rodeo – I love sports with my absolute favorites being rodeo, basketball, baseball and football (yes, in that order). I go crazy on social media with all of these things but I truly love them as a former athlete and lover of fitness. My hope is that someday I can bring everything that I learned through all of my years playing sports about a healthy lifestyle and being a complete athlete and bring it into my new sport world: Rodeo. Rodeo is by far the greatest sport on dirt because in rodeo the ball has a mind of it’s own. You can not successfully compete in a rodeo performance if you and your teammate are not firing on all cylindars whereas in other sports you may be able to squeak away the win. They are underpaid and are fighting to keep the true western spirit alive and for that I applaud the cowboys and cowgirls that do. I can only hope that I can rank among the elite in your world! For now I will continue being an ambassador and doing the best that I can to open the eyes of more of the public to rodeo and the greatness of being a true country person.

Anyway this is me and if there is anything that you would like to hear me talk about just comment on any of my posts and I will do my best to oblige! 🙂

Take care and, in the famous words of Gene Autry and Dale Evans ——- Happy Trails!


6 thoughts on “Back Story; The Five Things You Need to Know About Me

  1. Love hearing the back story! I’m pretty much a Southern Belle and have been my whole life … but strangely enough we have a lot in common:
    1. God. (I loved getting to know a bit of your faith story!).
    2. Country Life. I grew up in rural Louisiana, raising my 4-H lambs and riding my bike down dusty dirt roads. I was never one of those kids who thought chocolate milk came from the brown cows. lol
    3. Food. I love to cook and try new foods. I make up my own recipes all the time, and rarely ever measure. I just happen to think that’s how the best cooks do it.
    4. Relationships. My husband and I love to talk theories about why people do what they do especially in relationships (be it marriage, dating, friendships or family). I’d love to hear some of your ideas. That would be great to blog about. 😀
    Sorry … I am not really into rodeos, though I’ve been to plenty. I’m not against them. I grew up with a guy who became a relatively well-known bull rider in rodeo circles. His name is Chris Shivers. I’m not sure if that name would mean a thing in the world to you, but it’s my only real connection to rodeos.

    Looking forward to reading more of what you have to share! God Bless! ~Paige


    1. Wow! Thanks for the feedback, it’s so interesting and exciting to read all of this!

      I love the country life and my measurement skills in the kitchen could use a lot of attention, that’s for sure! I am a little nervous to start blogging about my relationship theories just because I feel like people could take them poorly or well. I have a couple of books that really helped me turn my life around when everything came crashing down that I could recommend to you if you would like!

      Does the name Chris Shivers mean anything to me?! Lol I’m almost offended 🙂 Just kidding! Chris Shivers is kind of a house hold name. I still remember freaking out in my parents family room in high school (or was it middle school) when Mr. Shivers broke his fibula and tibia in the Hawaii invitational!

      Thank you for connecting! God Bless!


      1. Chris grew up in the same area as me. I didn’t really know him personally … but my daughter and his son were in the same class at school for a couple of years, and my dad used the same barber as him and they somehow often ended up in the barbershop on the same day. Once my husband went with my dad to get his haircut and had the privilege of shaking Chris’ hand. Of course, he didn’t realize who Chris was until my dad told him on the drive back home. Anyway, I have rubbed shoulders, so to speak, with one of the rodeo greats. 🙂

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