Safe Keeping Box: Don’t Lose Yourself

In my blog post, 21 Days to Changing Your Life, I talked about how you need a "safe-keeping box" and I¬†PROMISED you that I would tell you all about it in another post well - you're welcome. This is THAT post. I think that it is so important in today's age that we don't forget... Continue Reading →

How a Journal Theme Saved My Life

I feel like it's common knowledge that I'm a journalist. That I not only LIKE to journal but that I NEED to journal in order to feel a sense of calm in my life. I think a lot of people truck through blogging and journaling because they think it's something that they HAVE to do... Continue Reading →

Platform Number 1: My Good Friend God

If you aren't a believer, that is fine, I think there are still a lot of messages of empowerment and inspiration that you can gain from God and Christianity. I am a non-denomination Christian and I guess I have always been throughout my life. It's been a pretty interesting growth¬†with my relationship with God, literally... Continue Reading →

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