Why Cowgirls Love Palazzo Pants

Have you seen cowgirl fashionistas strutting around Vegas or your local rodeo wearing the most preposterous pair of just absolutely amazing pants ever? Want to know what those are?palazzo1 Those, my friends, are the yoga pants of the cowgirl world: PALAZZO PANTS.


Notes from Judging a Rodeo Queen Pageant

This weekend I judged a rodeo queen pageant, something that I am relatively new too. Being a rodeo queen judge is interesting because you have to look as nice as the contestants, you have to know more than the contestants about general knowledgeable items, and you have to be able to keep an open mind... Continue Reading →

15 Signs You Are A Rodeo Queen

  If a hair sponsor isn't just a joke, it's somebody who actually makes your reign manageable and probably became a near and dear friend, you are a rodeo queen. If you have completely given up on getting the glitter out of every nook and cranny of every vehicle you have ever been in, then... Continue Reading →

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