15 Signs You Are A Rodeo Queen

Jessie T. Miss Rodeo Washington
“Queens of the West” Article by Kelly Williams Brown, pictures by Gabriela Herman. https://medium.com/matter/rodeo-queens-of-the-west-9bcfb7fa8911


  1. If a hair sponsor isn’t just a joke, it’s somebody who actually makes your reign manageable and probably became a near and dear friend, you are a rodeo queen.
  2. If you have completely given up on getting the glitter out of every nook and cranny of every vehicle you have ever been in, then you are a rodeo queen.
  3. If you can’t honestly remember what brand of horse trailer you have, you just look for the one with your name on it, then you are a rodeo queen.
  4. If you can braid your horses mane and tail faster than you can do your own hair, then you are a rodeo queen.
  5. If people in passing cars gawk at you as you drive on the freeway in an attempt to see the mystical “queen” inside the pickup, you are a rodeo queen.
  6. If wings mean a perfect curl of hair surrounding your hat and not something on a bird or a Victoria Secret model then you are a rodeo queen.
  7. If, hanging in your closet, is a minimum of 4 different complete monochromatic horsemanship outfits, then you are a rodeo queen.
  8. If you can give a 20 minute impromptu lecture on horses, rodeo, the western way of life, or politics at the drop of a hat then you are a rodeo queen (or at least should have been).
  9. If you know more about cattle, horses and agriculture than all of your friends that go to school for it, then you are a rodeo queen.
  10. If you only have two modes of dressing, glamorous to the “T” or sweats with no make up, then you are a rodeo queen.
  11. If you can ride a completely rank horse that wants nothing to do with you and still smile, look pretty, and look like a good rider… then you are a rodeo queen.
  12. If you would rather spend your whole life being dirt poor and being a part of the rodeo community, rather than being a millionaire with nothing to do with rodeo, then you are a rodeo queen.
  13. If your mom is your best friend and worst nightmare, then you are most definitely a rodeo queen.
  14. If you have been to more than 36 rodeos in the last year for free with VIP parking, then you are probably a rodeo queen.
  15. If you are paid to do what you do best … then the only rodeo queen you could be is Miss Rodeo America.

9 thoughts on “15 Signs You Are A Rodeo Queen

      1. If I could have a career choice of anything in the world, I’d have to pick rodeo queen or cattle ranch queen. If I could just find a good rodeo around here…

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      2. I don’t know…I’m still looking for Christian equine collages. So far, I’m looking at one in Oregon called Canyonview or one in Pennsylvania called Miracle Mountain Ranch. But they only do horses, and while that’s totally awesome, I’d like to learn some other things incase horses don’t work out for me.


  1. As a current student at Oregon State University I think you may find some interest there. Although it is not a religious university it is a strong agriculturally based school with a partnership with Linn Benton Community College. Both schools have equine programs that include horse training, horse knowledge, other animal sciences, crop sciences, agricultural business management, environmental economic policy and so much more. There is a strong Christian base in Corvallis area (look up Suburban Church or Grace City Church).

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      1. Tuition can be pretty expensive especially for those out if state. The dual enrollment program can actually save you about 18,000 dollars because it changes your tuition from $30k to like $1,500 a year


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